Kevin Hart is Back with Another Season of Lyft Pranks

The season 2 premiere of Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend,debuts today on Hart’s Laugh Out Loud comedy network. In the series Hart partners up with Lyft in character as an elderly, over-sharing Lyft driver “Donald Mac.”

You can watch the trailer here, or the full episode below.

In the season premiere, Mac asks his passenger to (awkwardly) sing to him on his “birthday” and open up disappointing gifts from his old “war buddies” – and her emotional response when she figures out Mac is actually Kevin Hart. Later in the episode, comedian Wanda Sykes joins to prank another passenger by testing out bad stand-up jokes on her.

The episode ends with the passenger eagerly trying her own stand-up material, only to bomb in spectacular fashion (Passenger: “Growing up in California was tough because I learned how to spell quinoa before definitely.” Mac: “She’s not gonna make it”)

Upcoming season 2 guests include Naya Rivera and Jaleel White. New episodes will premiere every Tuesday exclusively on the Laugh Out Loud app and The first season of Kevin Hart: Lyft Legend debuted last summer with more than 50 million views across Laugh Out Loud’s network.

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