Kevin Allison Teases First Reunion of “The State” in Over Five Years

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stopped by The Show today to talk about his live audience podcast, “Risk!”  a unique podcast and experience where people of all types get up and tell stories they never imagined they’d reveal to the public.  Allison spent the better part of  an hour with Bennington telling fantastic stories about how he started doing his storytelling podcasts, his sexual experimentation, his feelings on being gay, and his thoughts about the greatness of being an outsider.

He also dropped some exciting news for fans of “The State” the legendary comedy group where Allison got his start performing.  All of the members of “The State”,  have continued on with great solo careers in the business (except for the groups founder, Todd Holoubek, who is  teaching conceptual art in South Korea, to young kids), Allison said, and it looks like they are ready to get together for a reunion performance this year.

“But yeah, In fact, we’re “talking”….we’re always “talking” about getting back together, but this year I think it’s really going to happen at least for a few live shows, we’re hoping, on the coast.”

The last reunion was about five or six years ago out in Los Angeles, according to Allison.  There also have been talks about doing a project of some kind together, but the busy careers of all of the members of The State have made that a harder project to make happen.

“What we would really love to do is a project together, but we’ve just never been able to figure out how to manage each other’s schedules. I’ve always thought that doing an animated show would be an idea, because no one has to be in the same place at the same time.”

Allison laughed, and joked with Bennington that the other appeal of an animated project is  “never have to see those mother fuckers.” He  added, “we always say, well when we get back together, we’re a lot older and wiser,’ and i’m like no…we go right back to…. that’s how family works.”


You can hear Kevin Allison’s entire appearance on today’s Ron and Fez Show on SiriusXM ONDemand, on RawDog Comedy Hits Channel 99. The Ron and Fez show airs daily from noon to 3pm eastern time.  

Check out Kevin’s Risk! Live show.  You can go see Risk! Live this Thursday, March 27th at The PIT in NYC at 9:30 and also at NERDMOUNT theater in Los Angeles.  It happens once a month, every month, where people tell stories they never thought they’d reveal in public.     For more information and additional tour dates, go to  And of course, follow Kevin on twitter @TheKevinAllison.

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