Kendra Cunningham’s The 5: Five Less Than One Minute Scenes Proving Naked Gun is the Funniest Movie in the History of Time

Kendra Cunningham’s double album Less Bitter, More Glitter with Katina Corrao is out now on 800 Pound Gorilla Records! Boston bred and Brooklyn based, Kendra Cunningham has been named as a comic to watch by Time Out New York and has been compared to Groucho Marx
and Mae West by the UK’s Chortle. She has previously been in the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, The Glasgow Comedy Festival, and was a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival for two years in a row. She has twice appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing gaining two spots in the top 100 jokes of the season. Her DryBar comedy special “On My Best Behavior” is available on line as well as her two albums “Blonde Logic” and “Less Bitter, More Glitter. Looking for a holiday gift? You can get a copy of her humorous essays, Blonde Logic, on Amazon.

To celebrate, an all new edition of The 5 that is going to rock you to your core.  Definitive scientific proof that Naked Gun is the Funniest Movie of All Time. And she’ll prove it to you in five scenes that are each under a minute.


The Naked Gun series is my favorite comedy series of all time. I hope that somebody comes back with a “No way! Blah blah blah is the best comedy series of all time” I’m simply curious what films others find to be on par with any Naked Gun movie. Come at me! Actually, an even keeled email will suffice. Point being Naked Gun has it all: casting, spoofs, puns, ignorance, and villians! Leslie Nielsen plays straight man like no other.

Now if you are a bottom line business type, you will love this story even more. The number one reason – the most inspirational reason – the reason that makes me say – Fuck yeah! … The success of the three films came after the TV show Police Squad, starring Leslie Neilson as Frank Drebin, was cancelled after only six episodes in 1982. Six years later “Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad” was released as a feature film grossing over 75 million dollars. As somebody who is easily discouraged by failure, I love this story. Imagine how hard it was to get that TV deal, only to have it cancelled after six episodes. How easy it would have been to walk away, go get a bartending job and spend their days drunk, talking shit about how the industry sucks and how nobody appreciates good comedy anymore. Nope. Not these guys! From 1988 to 1994 they released three Naked Gun movies resulting in over 200 million dollars in ticket sales. 200 Million!

Now, on to the top five Naked Gun scenes…

“Nothing to see here, Please disperse”:

I think my family and friends would I agree, I have probably overused this movie quote. I sometimes use it as a test of character when I meet new people. Will they know what I am referring to? If not, I am more than happy to explain the entire movie to them ad nauseum.

“I thought they closed down three years ago”:

Priscilla Presley finds three year old left overs in Leslie Neilson’s fridge, I’ve never felt more like Priscilla Presley in my life! Actually, more like Leslie Neilson in this case.

The Banana Scene:

I know, I know, it sounds like there will be a penis or faux blow job involved. But no, this is really simply a scene with a banana punchline!

“Sex, Frank?”

I’m not even gonna try, just watch!

“No man will rest ‘til he’s behind bars, now let’s grab a bite to eat”:

If I had to pick one scene that proves my point – ”Leslie Nielsen = #1 Straight Man Fohevah” this would be it.

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