Just in Time for Movember, The Mighty Mustaches of Comedy

Throughout the years there have been some iconic comedic mustaches that have made not shaving much more attractive, some of these comedians you probably can’t imagine without their infamous mustaches. Some comedians go off to be in hit sitcoms or hit movies, where there character rocks an awesome stylish mustache that becomes popular on it’s own. A mustache almost always works in comedy because it becomes a part of your act, not to mention it can help with the ladies to create a mystique! I know there’s a few comedians that are probably popping into your head right now so in honor of movember, here’s ten of the best mustaches in comedy of all time!

Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins, known for his role in Bo Jack Horseman as “Mr. Peanut Butter” or Professor Twilley in King of the Hill.

This is “the man’s man” type of mustache that says, “Let’s go drink some whiskey”.

He has a shining charisma that’s worked for him throughout his career, the mustache is just an added touch.

Steve Harvey

Best known for Family Feud, Steve Harvey has one of the most sophisticated mustaches known.

This mustache works for him because it says, “I mean business” in a charming way that only Steve Harvey can pull off.

Can you remember ever seeing Steve Harvey without his million dollar smile and his perfectly sculpted mustache?

Steve Harvey will go down for having the most iconic mustache ever!

Ian Fidance

Ian Fidance’s ginger mustache is probably the best one you’ll ever see!

He pulls off this painter’s style mustache so well that it makes you want try it yourself.

Did you ever want to hang out with a funny David Crosby? Here’s your chance!

Cheech Marin

Cheech of Cheech and Chong was most recognizable with a joint sticking out.

This mustache would be overwhelming on anyone else but this bushy parted mustache gives Cheech style.

Usually paired with Chong’s full bearded look, Cheech has one of the most iconic mustaches of all time.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy without a mustache is completely unrecognizable, example of this would be in the movie Norbit.

In the early 90’s this was known for being one of the best mustaches out there, with his parted middle and gap tooth Eddie Murphy still has one of the best mustaches to date.

He’s one of the greatest comic actors to ever hit Hollywood, we give this mustache five stars!

Richard Pryor

One of the greatest comedians of all time, Richard Pryor arguably wouldn’t of been as funny without his signature mustache!

They say when Richard Pryor didn’t have a mustache he was an average comedian but then when he got his mustache it gave his comedy the edgy, unapologetic kick it needed.

The thickness and darkness of his mustache almost looked fake, which helped as an accessory during his jokes.

Matteo Lane

When you think of Matteo Lane, you think of his immaculate Freddie Mercury style stache.

Matteo is known for having one of the greatest bodies in comedy, this mustache is just an accessory.

In between singing Barbra Streisand and Mariah Carey you can catch him on stage showing off this glorious mustache.

Charlie Chaplin

The funniest mustache you’ve never heard, the king of silent comedy, Charlie Chaplin.

This mustache is so great that they say Adolf Hitler was allegedly a fan and copied Charlie Chaplin.

This English man’s mustache first made an appearance in 1914, which makes it one of the first famous mustaches to appear in film.

Groucho Marx


One of the famous Marx brothers, Groucho derived his mustache from his Vaudeville days.

This amazing grease painted mustache probably wouldn’t have been as perfect without the cigar and glasses.

Who would’ve thought this fake stage mustache would be such a big hit still to this day?

Nick Offerman

Best known for his character Ron Swanson in Nick Offerman has one of the best mustaches out there today.

This mustache is so iconic that it has become known as the “Ron Swanson” mustache, it hides his top lip so perfectly it makes you wonder how food doesn’t get stuck in there.

This fluffy charming mustache is inspiration for everyone trying to grow out their mustache.

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