Just for Laughs Filmed a VR Comedy Series With Judd Apatow, Jim Norton, Trevor Noah and Other Big Comedy Stars

Today Just for Laughs announced that earlier this summer while they were running the world’s biggest comedy festival, they were also collaborating with Felix & Paul Studios to create a brand new Virtual Reality comedy series. The seven episode series called The Confessional launches today, using Daydream and YouTube as platforms.

Jim Norton, Trevor Noah, Judd Apatow, Howie Mandel, Moshe Kasher, Natasha Leggero, Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart all star in the series along with YouTube sensation Lilly Singh. In each episode of this first-of-its-kind 3D, 360-degree VR comedy series, viewers find themselves in a confessional booth, face to face with one or two comedians, who then ‘confess’ their most awkward, humorous and embarrassing stories to the viewer. From a first date gone wrong, to an ongoing prank on a known comedian, to a nightmare car ride to Vegas, “The Confessional” are intimate stories from today’s biggest comedy stars.

The episodes were filmed over the course of 2017’s Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal.

Think of ‘Comedians in Cars’ or ‘Between Two Ferns’, but in the highly immersive, intimate and personal medium of virtual reality where the viewer essentially becomes the host,” said Paul Raphaël, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Felix & Paul Studios. “We are thrilled to launch our first VR experiences on the Daydream platform and look forward to future collaborations with both Google and Just For Laughs.”

You can see the series on Daydream, Google’s mobile VR platform, and YouTube.

Headspace Studio, the leader in 3D positional audio processing, provided audio capture and end-to-end sound processing for the series.

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