Your June 14 Cosby Update: Bill Fires Entire Legal Team, but Insists Divorce Rumors are False

has been found guilty of aggravated sexual assault, but his legal needs aren’t over yet. He’s still three months away from a sentencing hearing that will determine whether and for how long the fallen superstar goes to prison. But he won’t be preparing for that hearing with the lawyers that handled his retrial, because the Coz has fired the whole team. Instead he will be proceeding using the legal services of local reputable attorney Joseph P. Green Jr..

While awaiting sentencing, Cosby is subject to a house arrest agreement pending a late September sentencing. This isn’t Cosby’s first time unloading lawyers, its actually his fourth shift since criminal proceedings began in 2014.

Cosby’s press reps are refuting word released earlier today that Mrs. Cosby was initiating divorce proceedings. Radar Online had reported that Camille had moved out of their Philadelphia home, and that she was spending her time in a Massachusetts house owned by the couple. The report also said she had sold their private jet. But Cosby’s team called the news totally made up– a “ridiculous story from an egregious publication.” According to reps Mrs. Cosby is still living in their family home in Philly and the marriage is holding strong.

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