Eddie Vedder Joins Apatow On Stage For Garry Shandling Tribute At Bonnaroo

garry shandling bonnaroo

Comedy tents at musical festivals can bring big surprises and Saturday night Bonnaroo delivered with a big one. Eddie Vedder joined Judd Apatow on Saturday night to pay tribute to comedy legend Garry Shandling.

The Tennessean reported that Apatow approached Vedder about joining him during his Bonnaroo comedy show and that it was Vedder’s ideas to take diaries and journals found in Shandling’s home and put them to music.  It was also Vedder’s idea that Apatow would sing the song with him.

From the stage Apatow said, “Today, I said okay, let’s listen to the song, and then he [Vedder] said no, you’re singing the song with me.”

The song co-mingles Shandling’s spiritual thoughts sung by Vedder, with jokes and one liners delivered by Apatow, and features Vedder on acoustic guitar. Although Apatow spoke most of the lines, you will get a chance to hear him try to carry the tune toward the end. Bold move Judd! Very cool.

A few of the quotes….

“My friends tell me I have an intimacy problem, but they don’t really know me.”

“My name is Garry. I’m going to drop both r’s just to give it more showbiz pizzaz.”

“Will I play my role well? Will I be light?  Or what will I say? Just get up and do whatever Garry Shandling would do.”

“There is no reason to be anxious cause whatever I do…will be Garry Shandling and that is who I am.”

“I do what I do, what the hell difference does it make what others think. What I think and what I am is my center of existence.  They are someone else.”

“White man trapped in a white man’s body.”

“It’s not what you look like, it’s the hair on the inside that counts.”

“Remember when you were hit by a car, death was in your face and you realized that just to live, even with nothing, is a more than fair trade.  What do you need? If you have everything, you would still have to face death. Let go of everything and see what’s left.”

“If you live another three weeks be grateful. If you live another three years be grateful. Live each day as the last.”

“Don’t be attached to life. Only in this razor sharp moment do you exist.”

“Learn till the end. Awareness till the end.”


Shandling died on March 24.


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