Judah Friedlander Explains the World Championship

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Trevor Noah brought Judah Friedlander onto The Daily Show last night to find out the answer to the big question: what are you the world championship of, and Judah explained. “Of the World.” Seemed obvious to us, but well, you know Trevor’s new. Friedlander explained that obviously, the world championships are basically karate death matches for charity which sometimes can take place under water, in the presence of mermaids. “But,” he said, “as the world champion I’m not just a great athlete, I’m a champion who stands up for the world and the people of the world.

Friedlander came to talk about his new book, which is a book of drawings and single panel cartoons which he said is 98% comedy, about 2% seriously dark comedy, and a ton of truth. Judah described a few of them, like “The American Way” which is a simple line drawing of an overcrowded prison that shows off the American tradition of providing more free housing and meals than any other country- with some getting a lifetime supply.  Or the hangman cartoon depicting the fabulous 50’s which weren’t so fabulous for everyone.

Judah’s book is onsale now, everywhere, and you can read our interview with him right here as well.


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