Jordan Peele Vows on Late Night His Horror Film Is Not About Wife’s Family

Jordan Peele’s new horror flick, Get Out, which he wrote and directed, is in theaters everywhere this Friday. The Peele half of Key & Peele is making the talk show rounds answering questions about his new movie. Jordan Peele, who appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers Monday night, however, is answering one question that most horror directors don’t normally get asked: Did you write this violent and gruesome film about your wife’s family?

Peele says the fact that he’s part of an interracial couple and that the couple featured in Get Out is also interracial is just coincidence. That must be a relief to his wife, fellow-comedian Chelsea Peretti. Jordan Peele says he wrote the horror movie before he even met Chelsea or her family who he calls “lovely” and not at all sinister like the family in his new film. He described Get Out as “a social thriller”, inspired by The Stepford Wives (1975), but in his movie the focus is now on race instead of gender. Jordan’s actual family life couldn’t be happier right now, although Jordan Peele admits it’s a little “scary” because the couple is expecting their first baby. They made the announcement earlier this month.

Also, before Jordan Peele’s Late Night appearance was over, Seth Meyers convinced him to bring back his President Barack Obama impression from his Key & Peele days. Watch below to see what a drunked up Obama would think of Trump’s first days in office.

Get Out written and directed by Jordan Peele is in theaters everywhere this Friday, February 24th.

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