Jon Rudnitsky Makes SNL Debut in Millennial Workplace Sketch

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Saturday Night Live’s only season 41 newcomer Jon Rudnitsky made his SNL debut last night in a look at Millenials at work. They’re beautiful twenty somethings, who are just trying to find the success and love they’re entitled to.

Kate McKinnon, Pete Davidson, Miley Cyrus and Rudnitsky star as the lovely young employees who want promotions, need directions to the nap room, and constantly talk about gender. Like Davidson’s character who identifies as gay but only sleeps with women, and Cyrus who called herself “gender lazy.” There’s a lesson to be learned from this sketch and it’s a simple one. Don’t trust a Millennial near an open window holding a cell phone.

NBC announced that Rudnitsky would be the only new addition to the cast at the end of August. The 25 year old Jersey born and raised comedian was recently named one of Just For Laugh’s new faces and prior to joining SNL he generated millions of hits with his YouTube videos.


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