John Witherspoon, a Comedy Giant Has Died

John Witherspoon’s own Twitter account announced the news early Wednesday morning that the gifted entertainer has died at the age of 77.

The Witherspoon family wrote that their husband and father, who was a giant presence in the entertainment industry had passed. “We love you “POPS” always & forever,” they wrote. The performer had an incredible career in tv, film and on stage appearing in classic tv series like The Wayan Bros. and The Tracy Morgan Show, and movies like the Friday series, Vampire in Brooklyn, and I’m Gonna Get You Sucka.

He also continued to perform stand up throughout most of his career, and was planning to appear in an upcoming addition to the Friday series.

In a tweet following the news of his death, Judd Apatow called him “Pure funny. Hilarious and always kind.” Marsha Warfield wrote about her friend, “Spoon was a friend, a brother, a funny, talented comedian and a good man.” Roy Wood Jr. remarked on twitter that Witherspoon “STAYED abreast of the world” allowing him to inter-splice his comedy with nuances of todays trends.” Wood also spoke of Witherspoon’s work ethic and road schedule, “that most comedians couldn’t maintain,” and said he was a living legend. Sinbad called him “One of my early heroes and a beautiful person.” Others tweeting their condolences tonight included David Alan Grier, Jay Pharoah, Steve Byrne, and Arsenio Hall.

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