John Candy, John Hughes Families Disapprove Of Uncle Buck TV Series

uncle buck

ABC announced it’s doing a pilot series based on the 1989 John Hughes movie “Uncle Buck” that starred John Candy. According to their families, two people who would have hated the idea are John Hughes and John Candy. They also didn’t appreciate ABC and Universal Television not letting them know about it.

After the project was announced, the two families released a statement to Deadline:

Disappointment has been expressed by both the John Hughes and John Candy families over the conduct and decision by the ABC Network and Universal Television to develop a comedy series based on the feature film Uncle Buck. Rather than either entity providing advance information to the Estates, the families learned of the project’s potential via the media.

The families feel a strong attachment to the original film which symbolized the great and unique collaboration between Hughes and Candy. Recalling that the director was displeased with first Uncle Buck TV show effort which failed on CBS in 1990, it is well expected that he would not be supportive of this current attempt.

CBS’ “Uncle Buck” sitcom in 1990 starring Kevin Meaney was a ratings disaster that lasted one season.

“Uncle Buck” is the latest of the 1980s films and shows that networks are mining from for TV series including “Real Genius” and “Problem Child” by NBC and “Big” and “The Greatest American Hero” at FOX. However, the 1987 Andrew McCarthy movie “Mannequin” remains untouched for some reason.


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