Joe List Performs Stand Up on the Late Late Show

New York comedian Joe List performed a set last night on the Late Late Show with Joe List, and he absolutely killed with the best explanations we’ve ever heard for why he gets anxious on planes and at airports.  Anxiety is something Joe is very comfortable talking about- he’s making a career out of it and he never runs out of ways to find everything funny about being a nervous person.

List is one of the funniest comedians performing in the country and one of our favorites to follow. We can’t believe how he keeps getting funnier since we first saw him in 2014 be a killer at New York’s Funniest, and soon after on Last Comic Standing. You can watch his amazing 30 minute specials on Netflix and Comedy Central and hear him on his always great podcast with Mark Normand, Tuesdays With Stories.

Watch his set below and follow him on Twitter, Instagram and IRL: @JoeListComedy.


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