Jim Tews New Album is Out This Week! Hear an Exclusive Free Clip

When Dave Hill, Todd Barry and Ted Alexandro all agree that your album is awesome, that’s pretty high praise. Let’s be honest, getting a compliment out of Todd Barry at all is an impressive accomplishment.

“Jim is not only absolutely hilarious but he also looks exactly like Jon Hamm if you stare at him long enough under poor lighting. But you should listen to the album because he’s hilarious. The Jon Hamm thing is probably just my own hang up the more I think about it.”- Dave Hill

“I rely on Jim for two things: high quality, smart, personal comedy, and 24/7 cat tech support.” – Todd Barry

“Jim is just funny, he’s got a unique point of view… Check Jim Tews out if you haven’t.” – Ted Alexandro

The NY-based Comedian is back with a new stand-up album that reflects on life as a 37-year-old millennial. Tews recorded Oatmeal at The Setup in San Francisco and it will be released on digital platforms on February 28th via Blonde Medicine. On the album, Jim ponders life’s biggest questions out loud, such as “Should I start vaping?” and “Why did I go to film school?”, coins the term “bong-cierge”, and at one point refers to himself as a “gassy little angel”. Let Jim take you on an autobiographical journey, on tracks like “I Didn’t Cry for Four Years One Time” and “Let’s Not Be Too High All the Time”.

Born in Allentown, PA, Jim grew up watching every televised standup show and special that he was allowed to, but it never occurred to him to try it for himself until he was nearing the end of his enlistment in the Coast Guard. Incredibly bored and wanting to explore his options, Jim found an open mic and gave it a try. From then on, he sharpened his skill by doing stand-up around the Cleveland comedy scene and gained a strong following there before moving to New York, where he now performs regularly throughout the city and in addition to touring nationally.

On Oatmeal, Jim displays his talent for storytelling by giving us a more personal peek into his life and past than on his last album, I Was In Band, which received rave reviews. Jim wanted to be more open with this album and divulge into topics and stories that he wasn’t ready to until now, specifically involving his relationships and feelings. For example, his life-changing experience doing mushrooms for the first time, which resulted in a 3-hour crying marathon, or when Biff from “Back To The Future” told him to end his engagement and forever changed the trajectory of his life. Now, Jim feels as though he not only has processed these incidents but now has the chops to translate them into funny stories for him and others to enjoy.

Listen to “I Run Now” and get ready to get your own copy of Oatmeal this week!

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