Jim Gaffigan Sunday Morning Appearance Upsets Craft Beer Connoisseurs

Jim Gaffigan thinks beer fans have lost their way, and he expressed these opinions on CBS Sunday Morning during an extended Andy Rooney-esque commentary on his beer preferences.

He jokes that his family makes fun of him for liking “fancy beer” but says his beer preference are actually just the opposite. He’s not a fan of any beer with the labels “specialty” “local” “micro” “craft” and “artisan.” “I can tell you without exception,” he said, “they’re all bad. They don’t taste like beer.”

“I guess I’m a traditionalist. I don’t want a beer that tastes like chocolate or oranges or avocados,” Gaffigan continued. “I want a beer that tastes like, I don’t know, beer.”

As you might expect, beer fans are not all in agreement. Monday night Jim posted on twitter that his feed might be full of some angry beer people or at least unhappy beer people responding to his commentary. He apologized for tearing this country apart.

Gaffigan is a regular commentator on CBS Sunday Morning and has done pieces on the M&M store, winter sports, napping, moving to Canada, winter, and massage therapy.



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