The Jim Gaffigan Show Sneak Peek Gets 500,000 Views in First 48 Hours

jim gaffigan show sneak peek

Today Jim Gaffigan and his wife Jeannie Gaffigan went live on Periscope to make a giant announcement and take questions from a giant super king sized bed.  Jim and Jeannie announced that in the 48 hours since they put the first episode of their new show on, they have had 500,000 visitors go to the site to check out the episode.

If you missed the periscope, you can watch the announcement right here now, and check out a cool little tour of the set, which is almost a replica of their own home.  Watch the tour, hear Jeannie talk about casting, and Jim talk about playing himself, and then you can go to and watch the first episode.

The show is based on Gaffigan’s family and stand up career- a la Seinfeld- but that’s as far as the comparison goes.  We don’t want to give too much away, but the show is really funny, following issues arising in Gaffigan’s life.  And through Jim’s personal issues, the show also looks at issues in culture, media, religion, fame, sexuality, race and the perils of a public life.  In episode one, Gaffigan’s world goes into turmoil after he is photographed with a fan and a bible.  Episode one includes great cameos with appearances by Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, H. Jon Benjamin and even Glen Beck.  Adam Goldberg and Michael Ian Black co-star along with Jim, and Ashley Williams who plays Jeannie.  We can’t wait to see more!

Watch Episode One Now On JimGaffigan.Com

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The Jim Gaffigan Show will officially premiere on TV Land on July 15.

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