Jim Gaffigan Not Afraid to Stand By Mario Batali, Talks About Need For Forgiveness

Jim Gaffigan told the New York Daily News that he loves Mario Batali.

It’s controversial in 2018 to say kind words about those accused of sexual harassment as Batali has been. Batali was accused of systemic ongoing groping and sexual harassment and has stepped away from the day to day operations of his restaurants.

But Gaffigan says he knows Batali has a good soul and a good heart because the chef and restauranteur showed great kindness and generosity to his family when Jim’s wife Jeannie Gaffigan was in the hospital with a brain tumor. “We went to his restaurant and she could only eat soup,” he told NY Daily News’ “Confidential” column.

Gaffigan did not comment on the sexually inappropriate behavior, saying he doesn’t know the details of the accusations, but he does believe in forgiveness. “I’m a Catholic. I feel like we should all work on forgiveness,” he said.

After the allegations surfaced, Mario admitted to much of the accused behavior. He apologized for his behavior, admitted it was wrong, and said he takes full responsibility for the hurt his behavior caused.

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