Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black and Kyle Kinane Ruin Comedians

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 7.01.46 AM

It’s day two of @Midnight in New York and comedians Jim Gaffigan, Michael Ian Black and Kyle Kinane are competing. The madness of Hashtag Wars was in full swing last night, with the topic being #RuinaComedian.  Some of the highlights:  #ColinQuinn:MedicineWoman, #BenStillbirth, #LewisBlackface, and #RoseanneSaladBarr. Other highlights of the night were a drop in by Ben Stiller, a game of “what would you be most scared of when you’re doped up after surgery”, and real tweets with “this guy in the subway” in them.

But the best answers of the evening came from a round of “Party Pooper” where, in honor of election day, the comedians took a shot at naming some alternate political parties to the Dems and Repubs. Tupperware Party, Donner Party, The How Quickly Can We Leave this Party Without Seeming Rude Party, Party McFly, The Morning After Party, and Anne Frank’ Sweet Sixteen Party all seem like viable alternatives.

Sadly, Michael Ian Black was eliminated first, which mean he had a weird orange light on in for a few seconds. I don’t want to give away the winner but lets just say his name rhymes lyle linlane. Sorry Jim. You did not win the internet today.

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