Jim Breuer Will Be the Debut Release on a New Comedy Label

Jim Serpico is starting a new comedy label and he’s recruited long time friend and collaborator Jim Breuer as his first release. Serpico is a name familiar to everyone in comedy. He’s worked with Breuer, Robert Kelly, Marc Maron, Jared Fried, Denis Leary and countless others. He was an EP on Rescue Me, Maron, and FX’s Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll and he worked with our favorite web series, Bay Ridge Boys which stars Yannis Pappas and Chris Distefano.

Breuer says he has never been more focused, or happier in his life since working with Serpico. It’s not clear whether its the same album Breuer announced to his “Breu Crew” yesterday that’s airing exclusively on SiriusXM today, or whether the news is about a future release. “Live From Portland”, which will be featured all day today on @siriusxm’s comedy channels!

Breuer has been out touring with Metallica this year, continues to host the Jim Breuer podcast and headlines all over the country. He got his big break on Saturday Night Live and since then has been in a long list of movies, has released four comedy specials, and has a popular series of Facebook posts recapping baseball games.

According to Deadline.com, Serpico will continue to run his production company, Milestone TV & Film. Serpico says a comedy label has always been a dream of his, and he plans to release about 12 albums a year.

That’s all there is for now…more to come.

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