Carmichael Show Off To a Big Season 2 Start After Cosby Episode Gets Everyone Talking


With the season premiere of his acclaimed, The Carmichael Show, on NBC last weekend, Jerrod Carmichael hasn’t steered away from dissecting tough issues just as he does with his national headlining stand up set. It looks like no topic will be  too risque for Carmichael, he tackled the Bill Cosby scandal in this week’s Season Two premiere. Critics are rushing to deliver their rants and responses, and if’s review is any indication, they are eating it up!

In the season premiere the Carmichaels went to see a showcase featuring Bill Cosby who was compared to both Woody Allen and Michael Jackson in a sort a “talent trumps morals” debate. Carmichael’s girlfriend Maxine (Amber Stevens West) poses the argument that “our justice system…has a bad habit of letting people who are rich and famous off the hook.”

Carmichael is the shows creator, producer, writer, and star who has a delightful cast alongside. Fellow comedian Tiffany Haddish plays his brother’s ex-wife, up and coming star Lil Rel Howery plays his brother, and the uncanny David Alan Grier and Loretta Devine playfully portray his parents. The show is apparently inspired by his real family and the season premiere guest starred 84-year-old legend Marla Gibbs (from the hit TV shows 227 and The Jeffersons) who played his Grandmother.

It has been generally quick success for Carmichael who appeared in his first film, Neighbors, less than 2 years ago which was followed by his first comedy special which we reported back in September 2014. He is one of the most genuine comedians around; oozing sincerity, warmth, all the while dedicating his efforts to his dreams of having his own primetime NBC sitcom.

According to an LA Times piece, he has had the dream since he was 13. He is a comedian whose unique delivery of stand up really causes you to lean in and take in what he has to say. Heartfelt, observations, unabashed and gently explained in a refreshing format.

So it’s no surprise that The Carmichael Show delivers. It’s a show that is so out of place on TV today. Not only is it powerfully funny, it’s a show that supports family values, portrays strong and smart people of color, AND tackles the toughest issues facing Americans today, and undoubtably will continue to do so in the upcoming episodes.



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