Jeffrey Gurian Suffers Massive Heart Attack

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Late last week we were shocked and saddened to learn that our own Monday Morning comedy Quarterback Jeffrey Gurian, had suffered a massive heart attack. Jeffrey is a fixture in the New York Comedy scene, and there isn’t a night of the year when he’s not out, jumping from club to club, supporting local comedy and reporting on the latest comedy news for his Monday Morning column that appears here on weekly.

Late last week, Jeffrey told us, he had been walking down the street when he suddenly suffered severe chest pains, and asked a police officer to assist him in calling an ambulance. He was taken to a nearby hospital where it was determined that the primary blood vessel to his heart was 95% blocked and he would need a stent to manage the damage. Thank goodness, Jeffrey is home and on the mend, and trying to make sense of his sudden illness.

He wrote to us  today to say he’s wandering around his apartment trying to figure it all out. “To have what they described as such a severe heart attack and be back home two days later with a stent near my heart because the most major blood vessel to the heart was blocked 95% is a bit confusing to me. The LAD artery ( Left Anterior Descending) is the biggest one and the one they call “ The Widow Maker”. It’s the one that’s the main supplier of blood to the heart. So if mine was blocked 95 % it had to take a long time to get that bad which mean’s I’ve been jumping around in that state for years!”

He added, “it’s really a good thing it happened in the street and that there was a cop nearby, even though he didn’t seem particularly concerned. I think it was because I was so calm and just said to him, “I think I need an ambulance because it feels like I’m having a heart attack.” If I had stayed at home when I first started feeling it I might have just gotten back into bed which is where they would have found me! So it all worked out the way it was supposed to and the cardiologists at the hospital said it was a miracle that I came through, as did the doctor who did the angiogram, and put in the stent.”

Jeffrey told us he’s already anxious to start jumping around again, and reporting on comedy as soon as the doctors tell him its okay. But he wanted us to let everyone know that nothing stops Jeffrey Gurian, not even a massive heart attack and he’d be back to his column as soon as possible.

Jeffrey, don’t worry, your space in comedy is secure! Rest and take it easy!

Send Jeffrey some love and wishes for a fast recovery here and on his twitter @JeffreyGurian and read some of his recent columns here.

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