Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox Split… Again

TMZ is reporting that Jay Mohr has filed for divorce a second time. It was only five months ago that Mohr quickly rescinded a divorce filing from his wife Nikki Cox, claiming “We are very married, very in love and that’s really all there is,” he said.

Back in July, Mohr sought sole legal custody of their son, but this time filed for joint legal and physical custody.

Mohr and Cox have been married for ten years, and in 2014 co-created Mohr’s special “Happy. And A Lot.” The material in that special focused on how happy Mohr is, and centered primarily on his marriage. It was the #1 comedy special on Showtime last year and earned the two a Grammy nomination.

Mohr has yet to release any statement and there is nothing on social media yet to indicate whether this time it will stick.

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