James Corden Golden Ticket and Training Montage

The big question on everyone’s mind last night when they were getting ready to watch James Corden debut as the host of CBS’s Late Late Show, is “how did he get there?” Well, Corden prepared a nice montage to help you understand how a young man from High Wickham England had a little luck and good timing and got himself a Golden Ticket from CBS President Les Moonves.  But he’s going to need a lot of help to get in shape. Can he tell stories? Can he react to dull celebrities? Can he fake laugh and say American words?

With appearances from Jay Leno, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Allison Janney, Shia LaBeouf, Simon Cowell, Joel McHale, Lena Dunham, George Lopez, Billy Crystal, Eddie Redmayne, Katie Couric, Chris Rock, Chelsea Handler, and an angel named Meryl to guide him, James Corden just may pull this off.

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