Is Cameron Esposito The Next Big Thing?

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All indications are that Cameron Esposito has a huge career ahead of her.  She’s a regular on Chelsea Lately, a popular draw at Comedy Festivals and she’s performed at venues all over the country.  Jay Leno called her “the future of comedy.” Her first late night appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson just six months ago was as exciting a first appearance as you can imagine having (watch it below to see what we mean).   She also writes regularly, does improv, co-hosts a live stand-up podcast, “Put Your Hands Together with Cameron Esposito” and hosts “Wham Bam Pow” an action and sci fi movie podcast.

Cameron got her start in comedy doing improv in Boston– first in college and later at ImprovBoston and ImprovAsylum. She later moved back to her hometown– Chicago– where she started doing standup.

This week, Esposito will be back in Boston, performing at the Women in Comedy Festival. It was a perfect to chance for us to catch up with Cameron Esposito and ask her a few questions about what its like to be a woman doing comedy right now.


The IBang: You made the decision to leave Chicago to further your career. What made you choose to go to LA, instead of New York?

Cameron Esposito: Both NY and LA are great options. New York is like Chicago – it’s a live performance city and constantly on the move. I love New York, but was having a problem with anxiety right before the move and thought that city might give me a hundred heart attacks. I still having a hundred heart attacks, but the weather/nature in Los Angeles helps me hike them out a bit.

The IBang: Do you remember the first woman you ever saw doing stand up?

Cameron Esposito: Margaret Cho. Saw her live when I was in college and thought she was amazing.

logo_2014_bigThe IBang: This week, you’re doing the Women in Comedy Festival. What do you think are the benefits of having a festival that showcases women?

Cameron Esposito: It’s a great chance for female comics to get to know one another. I’ve done the festival twice before and that’s been my favorite part – the chance to connect with other gals.

The IBang: What do you think is the state of women in comedy right now? And what would you like to see change?

Cameron Esposito: We just need to keep moving forward. Eyes forward, ladies! We’re getting there. Just keep moving forward.

The IBang: Do you find women comedians to be more competitive or collaborative as artists?

Cameron Esposito: All comics are competitive – it keeps us going – and all comics want great things for one another. It’s a nice balance. I wouldn’t really use the word collaborative, since it’s a very solitary art, but definitely supportive. A comic’s best allies will always be other comics.

The IBang: Your Craig Ferguson appearance was your first time doing stand up on Late Night television. You had to have prepared material that you expected to go a certain way. And then you get called over. Even though it went incredibly well, what was the experience like to have your act somewhat interrupted by these two comedy gatekeepers?

Cameron Esposito: I loved it. They really made me feel like a fellow comic – like we were all just joking and palling around. Couldn’t ask for more than to be treated as a pal by those two legends/icons.

The IBang: When you’re on the road, how do you spend your 23 hours a day that you’re not on stage?

Cameron Esposito: Emailing, phone calling, keeping up on the flight I have to catch next and promoting my next show in the next city. Or maybe I’ll go for a run, or take several showers and then mindlessly wandering the four to eight blocks around my hotel.

The IBang: How goal minded are you? Do you know where you want to be in five years?

Cameron Esposito: Gotta go get to the seventy-five other things on my to-do list today, if that answers your question.


Here’s how you can catch up with Cameron Esposito:


Follow @CameronEsposito on Twitter

Listen to Cameron’s Podcasts, Put Your Hands Together and WHAM BAM POW

See Cameron this week at The Women in Comedy Festival. 

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