Internet Pissed After Amy Schumer Interrupts Comedian’s Break Out Special, But He’s Not Pissed, He’s a Pro

Tuesday night New York comedian Brendan Sagalow was performing his hour at Carolines on Broadway. Sagalow was performing as part of Caroline’s “Breakout Artist Series” which identifies young great comedians and gives them one of their first opportunities to perform a full hour on stage- a rare thing in New York City stage time is tough to come by and usually comes in 15 minute increments. As described by Caroline’s “the series puts a spotlight on the very best and brightest emerging stand-up comedians in their very own headlining show.” And Brendan is a great comic and a pro who deserves to be a part of the series. Tuesday night he proved it, in so many ways.

Last night Brendan took the stage, in an audience packed with his family, friends and fans, when he heard a voice calling from the side of the stage– “Brendan! It’s Amy Schumer, can I do 10 minutes really quick?”

Schumer was looking to do 10 minutes so she could run her monologue for Saturday Night Live, which she’s hosting this week, and is likely bumping comics all over town to work out her set. The internet got wind of the moment when someone posted a now deleted video of the moment, and people were pissed.

Here are a few of the comments on social media.


Celebrities bumping young comics isn’t a bizarre occurrence in stand up– it’s expected- it’s part of the game, and Sagalow handled it like a pro. He told Schumer, “of course” from the stage, and according to the crowd, wasn’t rattled in the least. Following a star like Amy is hard under any circumstance, but according to Page Six, an audience member told them when Brendan got back on stage, he crushed his set, and was thrilled to have a superstar share the stage.

Later on his podcast, The Stupid Little Podcast, Brandon said he had no problem with it. “You put the quarter in, you play the game,” he said. “Everybody thinks I’m friends with Amy, she knows my name, she said she follows me on Instagram.”

He’s a pro.  Follow  him on Twitter and check out The Stupid Little Podcast.



But wait, there’s an update. According to Brendan, Amy reached out to him, sending him text messages. Brendan shared the messages on the Legion of Skanks podcast this week, where Ari Shaffir and Luis took turns role-playing the texts. “How do you not hate her,” Luis J. Gomez asked, to which Brendan replied, “I don’t know.” Even Big Jay Oakerson, who says he loves Amy Schumer, said to Brendan, “you should hate her.”

According to the guys, Schumer reached out to Brendan concerned that he or others were saying he was “cucked” by Amy.

And here’s a longer version

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