Iliza Shlesinger to Release a Doc on Making a Comedy Special

If you were wondering- what’s the next step in doing something different in the stand up comedy market now that the market is oversaturated with new specials an albums- this may be it.  Iliza Shlesinger is releasing a documentary about making creating a Netflix special.

What’s it about?  Details like how to handle months of traveling on the road, including how to travel with a pet (her dog, it seems will figure into the doc frequently), and how to move without checking luggage, she explains in the trailer to the special.  She’s also covering the more conceptual elements, like,  “digging deep within yourself to bare your vulnerability.”

She filmed the new behind the scenes doc while preparing for her fourth Netflix special, Elder Millenial,  and she’s called it a “fan-u-mentary” that gives viewers a look into what it’s like being a rising comedian on tour.  That special debuted on Netflix last summer and was filmed in February 2018 on the USS Hornet.  She talked about being 35, looking both backward and forward in life.

Originally from Dallas, Iliza rose to fame after becoming the first female comic to win NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and her debut comedy special War Paint became one of the top selling albums and most watched specials in 2013. She followed up with two more Netflix specials, Freezing Hot and Confirmed Kills.

Titled Over and Over, the new documentary will be released on the Comedy Dynamics Network on July 2, 2019 via iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, Charter, Spectrum, Dish and many more.