Humble Bundle Comedy Flash Sale Happening Now


Buy great comedy, pay what you want, and help raise money for charity. is running a limited event where you can grab some great stuff, all to help the Red Cross and Electronic Frontier Foundation. It runs today through Wednesday, April 1st, thanks to the people at Comedy Dynamics.

Some of the comedy videos you can purchase include, “One Night Stand”, “Totally ”, “Thinky Pain”, “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”, “Beer Hall Putsch”, “War Paint” and “The Fartist”. Audio selections include, Bill Hicks “Arizona Bay”, Bill Hicks “Rant In E Minor”, Mike Birbiglia “My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”, “Beer Hall Putsch”, Iliza Shlesinger “War Paint”, Brian Posehn “The Fartist”, Dr. Katz “Live” (with , , and ) and “This Is Cool, Right?”

You can go to, to put together a hysterical bundle and help out some great causes.

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