Howard Stern Spent 100k on His Americas Got Talent Wardrobe

Howard Stern Spent 100k on His Americas Got Talent Wardrobe

Elusive talk show guest Howard Stern told Jimmy Kimmel last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he hates doing other people’s talk shows, but had hoped to use his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live to reignite the Late Show Wars. When he couldn’t get Jimmy to talk shit about David Letterman’s beard, he tried to get some Jay Leno hate going, or at least some shit talk about Fallon. Stern swears that when he and Kimmel vacation together, he talks shit about everyone but Kimmel says he’ll take a polygraph to prove he’s all love for his Late Night co-hosts.

Stern also talked about why took the gig with America’s Got Talent, and why he’s leaving. He said he thought it would be funny to see the guy who played Fartman on a family show, but after four years of constantly obsessing about how he looked on tv, he’s had it. He says he dropped 100k on a new Varvatos wardrobe, obsessed endlessly on his hair (as Jeffrey Gurian reported last year when he attended a taping) and was constantly worried about camera angles. After all that work, he said he still thinks he looked like a nightmare on television.  So he had enough, and wanted out.

Kimmel got together some members of Howards’ infamous wack pack– which he calls his extended family– to ask him some questions from the audience of the theater. We got to hear from High Pitch Eric, Elephant Boy and witness a love fest between Senator Chuck Schumer and Stern. Watch the clips below.

Stern’s appearance ended a week long annual stint at the Brooklyn Music Academy for Kimmel.

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