Howard Stern and Don Rickles Makes Last Letterman Appearances

Last night Howard Stern came on Letterman to make his last appearance.

Stern has a long history with Letterman that goes back decades, from Stern’s first appearance in 1983 to Dave gave a rare interview during Stern’s recent birthday party bash at SiriusXM. Last night on Letterman, Stern told a story about his first appearance on Late Night with David Letterman in 1983. He said that he had heard stories from David Brenner about appearing on Carson and becoming an instant millionair the next day, so that he was convinced that his career would blow up after appearing on Dave’s show. Unfortunately, he said, then nothing happened. His parents didn’t even see it. Maybe it was the haircut Howard?

Stern took control of the interview several times, including one moment where he demanded to know if it’s true that Letterman was considering having Jay Leno as his last guest. Letterman confirmed that Leno had been invited, and had declined the offer. Howard, who is obviously not a fan of Leno’s, asked Dave “are you out of your mind?” for the invite, called Jay a creep, and said “good I don’t want him on my show, who needs him.” When Stern asked Letterman why he would even ask Leno, Dave replied, “I don’t know, I’m not a producer.”

Stern wasn’t done questioning Dave yet– he also was determined to find out who his favorite guest over the years has been. Dave managed to evade answering, instead turning the question back to Stern who admitted that the best guests he’s ever had on his own show were Billy Joel, and Jerry Seinfeld. Stern’s picks for Letterman’s best guests of all time– Andy Kaufman, and of course, Stern himself.

Of course, Stern came with a gift, everyone does, and he brought Dave a very unattractive cowboy hat for his upcoming years in Montana (Dave insists he isn’t going to Montana) and dragged Dave over to the other side of the stage to try to wrestle a big kiss on the mouth out of his old friend. Again, Dave wasn’t having any of it.

Later, Don Rickels joined Letterman and Stern and got a standing ovation. Before talking with Letterman, Rickles turned his attention to Stern, remembered the first time he saw him, calling Stern the guy with the ‘trick or treat hairdo.’ But since then, he’s come to love Stern, calling him “young, bright, terrific” and dynamite. Stern returned the love to Rickles saying that sitting next to him is the highlight of his life.

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