Howard Kremer is the King of All Things “Summah”

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Who!? What!? Where!? When!? Why!? With Howard Kremer

Comedian and musician Howard Kremer is the king of “summah”. He’s the founder of the “Have a Summah!” movement, which embraces all things Summer, and has generated four full length albums of Summah tunes, hundreds of thousands of hits on Funny or Die, and an annual live celebration show called “Summahfest” at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. Kremer’s latest album, Summahtology just released in July has been making big waves. The first single, “Summah Says” has become a fan favorite, and has been a highlight of his “Summah Sojourn” tour all summer long.

Kremer has been a regular on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Comedy Bang Bang”, “@midnight” and “The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail” and has a giant podcast “Who Charted?” that countdowns the top charters in pop culture every week.

We talked with Howard about his new album, being a multimedia performer, and of course, Summah!

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WHO are your musical influences?

I just love so much music, since I was young and all the scenes that have come up. Punk rock and new wave and hip hop and all the different forms of that and dance music. I’ve just always paid attention to it and always gotten energy off of it and always been fueled by it. I’ve had jokes about music and always was compelled to write songs. It’s just all a big blur to me.

WHEN did you start focusing on your love of all things summer? 

About five years ago I was thinking, man I should go to the beach today, and then I thought, no I gotta get my career going and then I thought, no I gotta go to the beach and enjoy summah! And then no, I gotta stay here. So I kept having this debate in my head so I decided to go up and talk about it and then it started to resonate with people. Then I just started writing songs, cause I like writing songs.

WHERE did your Summah Sez video come from? Was it created by a fans?

A fan video to me is one of the greatest things in the world because I am not a great music video producer. So to just wake up one day and see a message that there’s already a music video for one of the songs, I love that. And the family that did this one was a family of four– a mom, dad son and daughter– they just killed it. They knocked it out of the park. It was produced well, it was suitable for Summah, so that was great.

WHY do you think there has been such a resurgence of music and comedy and rap and comedy in particular? 

Maybe its just, I’m sure YouTube has something to do with it. It could be a natural progression of …a generation of people that is pretty saavy about comedy and has seen a lot of comedy and they’ve seen tons of music and musical comedy. Spinal Tap and stuff like that and Monty Python. So it could just be a progression. That generation spawned a different thing. And I’m sure social media and the internet and people just having more of an appetite for comedy has probably also helped.

WHAT do you have next? What’s on the horizon for you? Are you going to continue exploring summer?

When I started doing it I just kind of had a pipe dream that it might catch on enough that I could get ot keep doing it, and yeah, it’s been a slow build but every year it gets bigger. This year we added a couple tour legs so yeah I’m going to keep doing it as long as people are interested in it.

I’ll be appearing on a show on National Geographic called “Now We Know.” It’s National Geographic’s first comedy show. That shows you how popular comedy is, they’re going to do one on NatGeo. It’s a historical sketch show and I have a segment in there. I’m excited about that and I’ll be coming to the midwest at the end of September. I play myself, but most of the sketches are based on historical characters and different scenes in history.


It’s August, it’s still August so Have a Summah!

Listen to “Summah Says” and get into the spirt of all things “Summah” and then check out the new album on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere music is sold.

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