How a Trip to the Mall Almost Got Trevor Noah Deported

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In the 90’s, a time period also known as the Leno years, the Late Night Shows were plagued by war, bickering, and  cat fighting. In 2015 Late Night hosts love going on each others shows and wishing each other well.  At least that’s what they want us to think #conspiracytheory.

Last night, Trevor Noah was the latest host to be a guest, and he sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and talked about his career, and baseball, and being a weekend overnights DJ on the radio.

Trevor explained why he left a successful South African career to come to the United States. He said South Africa is a small place, and that America informs the world when it comes to entertainment, so he always wanted to go to America to tell jokes. Because of the massive size of the US, he didn’t think a visit would be enough, so he decided to tour 40 states, but because he wasn’t known here, he did it in small clubs all over the country.

Noah Almost Got Deported Because He Thought the Border Was a Mall

“I’m going to go to every single city I can,” he told Kimmel.  It was during a gig in El Paso that he almost found himself deported, but not to South Africa.  Noah almost got deported to Mexico, when he used google to try to find a mall and got misdirected to the border.  Thinking he was in a crowd waiting to get into a great mall, he suddenly realized he was at the border, and without his passport on him.  When he tried to turn around, he was told he had to keep going.  They weren’t buying his story about his passport being at the hotel, and apparently didn’t know the difference between a Mexican accent and a South African one.  The only thing that saved Noah from being sent “back” to Mexico is that he was already famous outside the United States and told the border patrol to google him.

Trevor Noah’s Mom Sums Up His Daily Show Experience

Noah has been the host of the Daily Show for a month now, and said his mom did the best job of explaining the entire experience so far, comparing it to having a child.

“For months and months I was pregnant and then one day I was going to give birth to this thing and then people would judge me on how I raise it but in the end I would be proud of it and some days I would hate it with all  my heart, but in the end of the day it would be what I created so I would have to live with it.”

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