The Hollywood Reporter Names 40 Most Powerful Comedy Suits, Legends, Aueters, Arena Fillers and Movie Stars

The Hollywood Reporter has put out its first ever comedy power list, profiling those who hold the cards in the booming business of comedy. They divided their list into categories including three offstage, off-camera categories: suits, auteurs and advocates (the power managers, agents and touring agents), and four performing categories: movie stars, legends, arena fillers and up and comers.

It’s all a part of The Hollywood Reporter’s new Comedy issue, which interestingly enough has Tiffany Haddish gracing the cover as Hollywood’s new comedy queen but not joining the list of power players– at least not yet. Elsewhere in this issue, THR ranks the late night players (when it comes to influence, Jimmy Fallon is still number one with Colbert trailing waaaaay behind)

One of the easiest takeaways from the overall list: THR ranks ABC, HBO, FX, Netflix and Comedy Central as the power players in television when it comes to comedy. Michelle Wolf, Ali Wong, and John Mulaney are the future legends, and packing out big fat arenas may make you rich but it doesn’t make you a legend. Here’s the list broken down by category.  Check out for a closer look.

Suits:  Kent Alterman, Comedy Central; Amy Gravitt, HBO, Nick Grad and Eric Schrier, FX Networks, Jamila Hunter, ABC, Lisa Nishimura and Jane Wiseman, Netflix, Geof Wills President of Comedy, Live Nation

The Advocates: Managers Peter Principato, David Miner, Dave Becky, Christie Smith, Michael Lasker
The Advocates: Agents Ayala Cohen, Matt Rice, Jason Heyman, Sharon Jackson, Rachel Rusch, Richard Weitz
The Advocates: Touring Agents Mike Berkowitz, Matt Blake, Steve Levine, Nick Nuciforo

Auteurs: Kenya Barris, Producer-Writer, Dan Harmon, Producer-Writer, Mike Judge and Alec Berg, Chuck Lorre, Producer-Writer, Seth MacFarlane, Actor-Producer-Writer, Will Packer, Producer, Michael Schur, Producer-Writer, Michael Showalter, Actor-Director-Writer

Legends:  Dave Chappelle, Comic, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Actress Producer, Tina Fey, Actress-Producer-Writer, Norman Lear, Writer-Producer, Judd Apatow, Director-Producer-Writer, Lorne Michaels, Producer, Chris Rock, Actor-Comic, Jerry Seinfeld, Comic

Movie Stars:  Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, Creative Partners, Donald Glover, Actor-Comic-Producer-Writer, Kevin Hart, Comic-Actor, Melissa McCarthy, Actress-Producer, Amy Poehler, Actress-Producer-Writer, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, Creative Partners, Adam Sandler, Actor-Comic-Producer, Amy Schumer, Actress-Comic-Writer

Arena Fillers:, Jeff Dunham, Comic, Gabriel Iglesias, Comic, Michelle Wolf, Ali Wong, John Mulaney, Stand Ups on the Rise

The New Players:  Kate McKinnon, Actress-Comic, Kumail Nanjiani, Actor-Comic-Producer-Writer, Issa Rae, Actress-Writer-Producer

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