Joe List Wins Comedian Highlander Football Challenge. Joe List is The One.

joe list wins

It started with 49 comedians, battling it out in the Ron and Fez Show/The Interrobang ESPN NFL Comedian Eliminator Challenge.  To win, they had to beat the odds, and the other comedians by picking one winning team each week of the NFL season.  Anyone who chose wrong was eliminated. To win, you only had to outlast everyone else, until there was only one.

That one…that warrior…that champion…the man who will take home the Helmet of Champions, is none other than BIG JOE LIST!

Joe outlasted all the comedians with these winning picks.

Week 1: Seattle Seahawks
Week 2: Green Bay Packers
Week 3: New Orleans Saint
Week 4: San Diego Chargers
Week 5: Philadelphia Eagles
Week 6: Arizona Cardinals
Week 7: Buffalo Bills
Week 8: New England Patriots
Week 9: Cincinnati Bengals
Week 10: Baltimore Ravens

And here’s how he beat them, and the teams that brought everyone down.

Overall, faith in the Seahawks took out 9 competitors throughout the season.  Believing in the Bears cost 5 players their shot at the title, and another 5 were cut for believing in the Saints.  We lost 4 comedians for backing the Patriots, and another 4 for choosing the Packers.  3 comedians were eliminated based on picking the Steelers, and 3 comedians were cut on the week they chose the Cowboys, and yet another 3 went out on the Falcons.  The Browns disappointed 2 of our comics (along with all of Cleveland) and we lost 2 more comedians when they picked the Giants.  The Vikings, Colts and Chargers each took out 1 comic (for a total of 3 eliminations), and 2 more comics dropped out after the Bengals couldn’t pull off a win, and ended their game with a Tie.   And saddest of all were the  3 comedians who lost when they forgot to make any picks at all.

Here’s the week by week breakdown of how it all went down.

Week One:  In week one, the Bears took a 23-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills knocking out Sam Tripoli, Jon Huck, Graham Elwood and Ari Shaffir.  The Packers loss to the Seahawks took Lisa Lampanelli, Dan Soder and Greer Barnes down with them, but Soder is sticking to his story that he thought he was supposed to pick the losers.  The Patriots got their asses kicked by the Dolphins (33-20) which was a huge shock to Tammy Pescatelli, Dan St Germain, Luis J Gomez and Robert Kelly.   We said an early goodbye to Mike Bocchetti and Paul Morrissey after the Giants got clobbered by the Lions.  Jamie Lissow backed the wrong team by picking the Saints. And Tommy Johnagin got eliminated by the Chargers defeat.  Only one comic forgot to pick week one, and that’s exactly how we lost Jackie Martling early on.

Week Two:  Joe DeRosa and Jimmy Shubert were very sad to see the Falcons lose to the Bengals. Tom Rhodes picked the Colts who lost to the Eagles by 3.  The Seahawks loss to San Diego took out Ryan Sickler and Sam Morril. Susie Essman picked the Vikings, and they suffered a massive loss to New England.  The Saints got beat by Cleveland, and that sent Shawn Halpin, Don Jamieson and Nick Turner packing, but at least they remembered to pick, unlike Jason Nash and Michael Ian Black.

Week Three: Everyone was a winner in week three except for Bert Kreischer.  The Green Bay Packers loss to Detroit killed his chances to be “the one”.

Week Four:   The Steelers proved to be a bad pick for roommates Big Jay Oakerson and Mike Finoia, sending them both out of the game after Tampa Bay beat them 27-24.  Robby Slowik picked the Falcons, bad call, and Jimmy Pardo regretted picking the Saints.  Both teams came up with big losses in week four.

Week Five:  Everyone was safe and sound week 5.  No bad feelings for anyone.

Week Six:  The Seahawks surprising 30-23 loss to the Dallas Cowboys proved disasterous for some strong competitors, Jim Gaffigan, Gary Gulman, Geno Bisconte, and Chris Laker.  And the Bengals tied their game, ending the contest for  Jay Mohr and Clayton Fletcher.

Week Seven:  We lost Jeffrey Gurian and Pete Dominick when they didn’t realize that the Browns couldn’t beat Jacksonville. Pete Davidson thought the Bears would beat Miami– they didn’t.  But it was the Seahawks loss to St Louis in a 28-26 squeeker that took out Open Mike Eagle, Jim Florentine, and Dan Perlman.

Week Eight:  In week eight we were down to the final five, all strong competitors.  Nobody expected Washington would beat Dallas 20-17, and when they did, Dave Smith, Hannibal Buress and Vic Henley said goodbye leaving only two to battle it out for the title Highlander.

Week Nine: With only Eric Stangel and Joe List left in the game, both picked the Bengals and survived.

Week Ten:  Where it all came to a final stunning conclusion.  Joe List picked the Baltimore Ravens over Jacksonville.  Eric Stangel picked the Pittsburgh Steelers over the Jets.  It seemed like we’d easily be rolling this one over to week 11 but the Jets dominated the Steelers early on, and Pittsburgh came close, but never quite recovered, taking out the mighty Eric Stangel, and leaving…only……..  Big. Joe. List.

Congratulations everyone and see you all next year!

Highlander Version 2 (3)

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