Hey Losers! (Yes that Means You) Chris Gethard Can Help

Chris Gethard just released a book that he describes as “a rallying cry for everyone who ever felt doubted, even by themselves.” It’s a self-help book that is nothing like self help books, and you should read it because you’re going to realize that you’re fine, and that’s what you need to move on and fulfill some of those desires you’ve been hanging on to.

Full of Gethardian philosophy, stories, and some behind the scenes stories of Chris’ own attempts, successes and fails, the book aims to help you avoid some of the angst that comes along with reaching for the stars or even reaching for a tree branch.

“Every piece of advice or philosophy in this book is something that I’ve tested myself. It’s nuts and bolts, trial and error stuff,” Gethard says. “I don’t want to sell you snake oil. I don’t want to be a part of any bullshit self-help guruism. This is, hopefully, the advice you’d want and expect from someone who is an artist who did not grow up around artists. This is advice from someone who went to state school, who grew up in a blue collar neighborhood down the street from his Irish immigrant grandparents. Nothing fancy, nothing new age-y, just real deal stuff that lays out some version of – “I made this same mistake thousands of times before I figured THIS thing out. Maybe by hearing that you don’t need to make the thousands of mistakes and can just go and get to fuckin’ work!”

Even if you don’t need or want help, Gethard’s book is still funny and if you love his bizarre stories of misadventures and adventures (and we do!) succeeding and bombing on stage and in life, it’s a really great read, and if your friends are like our friends, probably a fine Christmas present.

In stores and online, everywhere (almost everywhere, except on the new arrivals table as Chris’ own local bookstore) now.

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