Hear an Exclusive Clip from Audible’s The 64th Man Featuring John Cena and Leslie Jones!

We’re excited to share this exclusive audio clip from Audible’s latest original featuring John Cena, Leslie Jones, Jane Curtain and Anna Chlumsky and a supporting cast of comedy greats Adam Pally, Chris Redd, Alex Moffat, Jay Pharaoh, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Will Forte, Heidi Gardner, and more. From the mind of SNL head writer Brian Tucker comes a brand new original sports comedy is a 10 episode audio comedy series and is produced by Lorne Michaels Broadway Video. Think of it like TV for your ears, which is especially helpful when you’re stuck in traffic and have already listened to your entire music playlist 50 times.

The 64th Man dropped on Thursday this week, exclusively available on Audible.com.

In sports, everybody loves redemption stories, the underdog who no one believes in but through sheer hard work wins it all. But no one tells the stories of the players who work hard and don’t make it. In pro football, fifty-three guys get on the roster. Ten make it to the practice squad. And then there’s the 64th Man – that’s Billy Logan (Cena), who seems to always be one spot from glory.

After a promising college career capped by a headline-making, game-winning play, Billy seems destined to be drafted to the NFL. But he isn’t, and after a year of tryouts and near misses, he still hasn’t made it pro. So, he returns home to Columbus, Ohio, to figure out how to make his great gridiron dream come true. With a new job at a grocery store, Billy reconnects with his ex-girlfriend Ellen (Chlumsky), but generally it’s embarrassing to be back in town, seeing as he was the “star who was going places,” and now he’s seen as the “star who never went anywhere.” Looking for an opening to the end zone, Billy will tackle anything to make his dream come true. It’s a path that leads him to a billionaire tech bro starting a new professional football league that has more in common with professional wrestling, a health guru selling a cult-like fitness craze, and a hard-partying NFL quarterback who needs a real-life tackle dummy for his football video game. Will these lateral runs lead Billy to NFL stardom? A life of love with his ex? Or something totally unexpected from an elderly mentor named Mildred (Curtin) who he trains at the gym?

Written by Bryan Tucker, senior writer at Saturday Night Live, and Zack Phillips, former head writer at Above Average and its sports site The Kicker, this is a hard-hitting underdog story with a touch of romance. Listen to Billy’s journey as he learns what happens when you’re fourth and inches from your dream, but the game clock is running out.

You can scroll below the clip to check out a trailer for the original audio series.

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