Comedian Funds Comedy Webseries About Hatian Writer

Hannibal Buress changed the comedy world once, will he change the comedy world again? Hatian writer and up and coming comedian Tanael Joachim (“T.J.”) created a web series called “Unrequited” with money he earned from his standup, his day job as a handyman, and funds raised from friends and family. When he ran out of money during post-production, in a moment of wishful thinking, he reached out to a famous comedian: Hannibal Buress. Burress loved the project and decided to give Joachim half the money he needed to finish the series.

Tanael was not only thrilled about the funding but also the “indescribable feeling of validation” from getting the support from Buress.

Funded in part by Hannibal Buress, created, written, and directed by Haitian comedian Tanael Joachim (FOX, New York Times OpEd Writer, AXS TV), “Unrequited” follows Jacques, a Haitian writer in Brooklyn, dealing with an old flame who came back in his life.

Jacques is doing pretty well. His article just got published in the New York Times. His love life, though, is a different story. His friend and colleague, Marla, loves him but he only sees her as a friend. Meanwhile, he’s in love with Nyah a flame from his past who only sees him as a friend. When Nyah resurfaces out of nowhere, he has a sliver of hope. He seeks advice from his friends Astryd and Marion. Do they validate his hopes? Or do they crush his dreams? Centered on heartfelt exchanges from often unheard voices, “Unrequited” is a short meditation on unrequited love where raw feelings and laughter collide in compelling fashion.

The four-part series will screen in Brooklyn at Littlefield on May 22nd at 8pm, followed by Q&A along with standup performances from Jeffrey Joseph (Tonight Show, HBO), Janelle James (Netflix, HBO) and Tanael Joachim himself.

When: Tuesday May 22nd ll Doors open at 7:30pm ll Show at 8pm
Where: Littlefield, 635 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Watch the trailer below.

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