Greg Stone’s Album is Out Today! Get a Sneak Preview Before You Buy It

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“The Amazing Greg Stone” is available for purchase today! The album, not the person. This album brings together three things that we love– first of course, Greg Stone. Stone connected with our good friends at Comedy Records to release his first album and he recorded it at the Creek and the Cave, and really, shouldn’t everyone record their first album there? There’s no club in New York City (or anywhere) more dedicated to raising young comedians to become great comics.

Stone covers subjects of being a sensitive comedian in a hospital ER, Ikea furniture assembly, his first foray into pot consumption, and the absolute absurdity of the notion that being gay is a choice. He exhibits a warmth and honest demeanor that audiences immediately are drawn into, while simultaneously busting guts on each punchline.

If you don’t already know and love Greg Stone, here’s the obligatory credits. He’s been on AXS TV’s Gotham Comedy Live, TruTV and SiriusXM Radio. He’s a regular on The Bennington Show, and he’s been heard on Comedy Central’s The Bonfire and Snap Judgement. Stone has been featured on Fox’s Red Eye with Tom Shillueand NBC’s America’s Got Talent. He was a writer for Netflix’s The Break with Michelle Wolf and The 2018 White House Correspondents Dinner. And you’re missing out if you don’t love him as co-host of The Rad Dudecast with Anthony Devito and Brendan Eyre.

We love him, you’ll love him.

In this exclusive track, you can hear that Greg Stone has solved the problem about how to write jokes about Trump without dealing with blowback from people who don’t want to hear about Trump. We call it the Stepdad Solution. Other tracks include “When You’ve Been With Someone For Ten Years”, “You’re Going To Have Problems With Towels”, “If Gay Was a Choice…” and “I Would Choose Bi.” Other tracks cover Jiu Jitsu, Pot, halloween, Yoga Pants, day jobs and more.

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