The Greatest Viral Videos of 2014

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They may not have been the most viral globally, but if we go strictly by the numbers you’ll be watching nothing but cats, kids and weird teens playing video games. Here are our picks for the 2014 Viral Videos that you have to go back and watch again. And they’re a lot funnier than cast.  You get to vote on the #1 so start voting!

#1 Maui Mayoral Candidate Gets TAZED by Cops

Who could forget Beau Hawkes, the Mayoral candidate who got stun gunned up by the cops. Update: He did not become Mayor of Maui.

#2  Girl Shovel Fight

Girl Shovel Fight packed more action than Floyd Mayweather’s entire career. If you take anything away from this video it’s underground shovel fight club’s could be the next big thing for Project Mayhem.

#3 This Must Be What Rome Was Like Before the End

After this Gathering of the Juggalos video went viral, the giant man in it was acutally tracked down. His name is Big LA and he works with Gary Busey’s nephew, Mike Busey, as a party organizer. Knowing this guy’s two degrees from Busey makes him that much cooler.

#4  Drunk San Francisco Tour Guide Does Not Like Chinatown (NSFW)

The drunk San Francisco tour guide is how everyone wants to go out on their last day. She’s living the dream on her own terms now that she doesn’t have to deal with tourists, or Asian peoples, bullshit anymore. Raise your glass to Drunk San Francisco Tour Guide.

#5 Weak Head Smokes Dabs For the First Time

Jump to 1:30 to witness an incredibly embarrassing freak out that should follow this kid around for the rest of his days. He should be forced to show this video to his neighbors when he moves into a new town.

#6 What’s in your Monster Energy drink? Is it ……. SATAN!!

Everyone always suspected energy drinks were dangerous. It took this woman to decode that Monster was the ringleader of them all. Let’s hope next year she’ll be back with a theory on Red Bull.

#7 When Did Brazil Fans Steal Assault on the Media?

What was the biggest moment of World Cup? Lionel Messi choking? Germany’s dominant play? Or a drunk Brazilian man in New York City coining a catch phrase that pops up to this day, months and months since it’s original viral bump. It’s the latter.



#8  What It’s Like To Walk The Streets As A Woman

The 2014 video that spawned the most copycats would be the famous cat calling video from the end of this year. Much like the “Shit Girls Say” video from 2011, the What It’s Like… videos had everyone jumping all over it for precious hits. Here’s the original that made everyone realize it’s bad to talk to women on the street when they have a camera trained on them.

#9 Napping Man Sues ESPN, MLB, and John Kruk for $10 Million

We all remember where we were when watching this meaningless Yankees game from over the summer. In hindsight, he was totally in the right in falling asleep.



#10   Apparently Kid Gives Greatest Interview Ever

Never has a child gotten so annoying so quickly then with Apparently kid. Travel back to a simpler time to see the original video of him giving great interview. This is before the world found him and used him up for all he was worth.


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