Goddamn Comedy Jam Rocks For Thousands in Montreal; Oh and Comedy Central Cancelled Their Show

led his Goddamn Comedy band, crew and a slew of superstars in a killer performance in Montreal at Just for Laughs on Saturday night at JFL’s outdoor Videotron stage in front of crowd of thousands. Meyers shouted out from the stage that the crowd was 15,000 strong and the massive audience full of comedy fans and locals enjoying the night out, was ready to rock. He also confirmed for the audience that the Goddamn Comedy Jam has been cancelled by Comedy Central. There will not be a season two he said.  And that’s too bad because tonight the GDCJ proved beyond a doubt that the show appeals not only to hardcore comedy fans who pack out their shows, but also to a giant and diverse crowd that included families out with their young children, people of all ages and a lot of people who are used to having local French language performances on the outdoor stage on a Saturday night.

Performing English language comedy in Montreal on a stage that big, in front of a crowd that big, who didn’t necessarily come out for that particular show had some big obstacles to deal with. The entire area is one giant street fair and if the crowd isn’t interested in what is happening on that stage on a nightly basis, they are quick to wander off and visit the other attractions- including a high wire act supposedly happening just a block away. Plus, not everyone in the area was there to see comedy. But this crowd stayed locked in, sang along and raised their arms with the performers and it was a full scale party vibe. The lineup included Dulcé Sloan, , SNL alum , and from Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, .

Dulcé Sloan kicked the party off by belting out Adele’s Rolling in the Deep after telling a hilarious story that involved a leaky car engine and a very personal bodily function. Her performance was worthy of a crowd of thousands and she looked pretty fierce in a phenomenal dress. The crowd went crazy. Adam Ray kept it going with a rockin’ version of What’s Up? by 4 Non Blondes, followed by Sasheer Zamata who walked the runway stage looking like a goddess in a flowing white dress singing Celine Dion. Big came out next saying he couldn’t believe he had to follow that. He crowd worked an eight year old and a nine year old in a manner that could only be pulled off by Big Jay, and launched into an ass-kicking crowd rousing version of Nickelback’s How You Remind Me, and Erik Griffin, who plays Ralphie on Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here, wrapped up the lineup with Careless Whisper.

Only one thing was missing and that was Josh Adam Meyers’ signature crowd surf.


This was the Jam’s fifth show this week, and they closed by announcing that they’d perform again at midnight, at Katacombes, where they’d been playing all week during the fest. Not sure why Comedy Central decided to drop the series, but the Jam lives on, live across America, coming soon to a city near you.

Watch a video of Big Jay Oakerson rocking on stage…better video coming soon, but this should hold you over for now…

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