Gilbert Gottfried Tells America How to Tell if Donald Trump Likes You

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Wednesday night Gilbert Gottfried hung out on Late Night with Seth Meyers and broke the news to  Seth that he met his parents years ago at a Boston Comedy Club, and they asked him for a threesome. Seth was unconcerned with that…what he really wanted to know was, what it was like to be fired by Donald Trump on Celebrity Apprentice. Gilbert replied that he likes Trump, saying “he’s kind of like Hitler without the warmth” but said he didn’t do well on Celebrity Apprentice because he didn’t sell enough corn muffins, or something like that.

But the real takeaway from last night’s appearance was Gilbert’s guide to knowing whether Trump likes you, or not.  Pay close attention in the clip, especially if you’re aspiring to have a future in politics or political analysis. This could be critical information.



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