Get a Piece of Doug Stanhope

Doug Stanhope announced his 2018 eBay Yard Sale. He says he’s emptying the hoard, and you will have the chance to bid on Stanhope style including game-worn vintage tour jackets, suits and shoes, fan art, odd shit picked up on the road, and stuff that doesn’t even belong to him.

Stanhope’s somewhat annual eBay Yard Sales have been taking place for a few years now, giving fans everywhere the chance to show up at Doug’s shows wearing his clothes.

The silliness started just a few hours ago, and Stanhope promises new items will be added every 15 minutes. Bidding runs exactly one week with over 140 items going on the auction eblock.

No extra charge to have your item autographed, and if you buy a jacket, you get a Delta boarding pass in the inside pocket included.

There are only four items up so far as of the writing of this article, but we’re due for another any moment: an All Things Comedy Fest Lanyard, a collection of CDs, a “Talks At Google” Two Male Mini Figures set (whatever that is) and a framed AMC Pacer ad and just added a Very Lucky Arizona Cardinals Ball Cap.

The big bid leader so far as of 3pm on Sunday August 12 is a Bill Hicks box set, but you can also now bid on a 24 hour AA chip, Al-Anon book “What’s Drunk Mama?” and an autographed star placard from a random unknown tv production. Still waiting for that playskool mailbox.

Keep checking back for more Stanhopeabilia. It’s coming fast. Here are a few items he’s promised to put up for sale.

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