FX Taking Over Comedy Thursday With The Return Of “Louie” And “The Comedians”


With NBC throwing in the towel on Thursday night comedies and ABC already being very dramatic on that night of the week, FX is building its Thursday night into a comedy powerhouse.  Either that or nobody told them that Thursday comedies are passe.

Louis C.K.’s critically praised comedy series, “Louie” has a return date set for Thursday, April 9th. “Louie” will be on at 10:30pm et. When Louis C.K. hasn’t been busy selling out and performing at Madison Square Garden, he’s been working on Season 5 of his FX series. “Louie” will follow “The Comedians” on FX which also debuts April 9th.

“The Comedians” stars Billy Crystal and Josh Gad. Billy plays a seasoned comedian looking to become relevant again and he’s teamed up with hot new edgy comic played by Josh Gad. Personalities collide in the show described as “an unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at a fictional late night sketch comedy show.”

With C.K., Crystal and Gad all lined up for one big night of comedy, it looks like there a new home for Must-See TV. “The Comedians” premieres Thursday, April 9th at 10pm et, followed by the season 5 premiere of “Louie” at 10:30pm et on FX.

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