Funny Or Die’s “Before You Were Funny” With Paul Scheer

fod paul scheer

It’s a trip back in time for Paul Scheer as he unveils a sketch he wrote very early in his career on Funny or Die‘s “Before You Were Funny”. These are scripts taken from the Awful Sketch Vault from comedians before they hit it big. “Before You Were Funny” is described as the “most entertaining bad sketch show the world has never seen”. These sketches have never been produced until now with a “Before You Were Funny” animation short.

“The Closet” is a sketch written by Paul Scheer (The League, Human Giant, Fresh Off The Boat) that he thought was going to be his ticket to being a cast member on Saturday Night Live. It features a character named Frank who is a normal guy except that he has a floating Genie head that lives in a closet in his everyday home.

Kristen Schaal and Andy Daly are on hand to help provide the voices for the animated short while Paul Scheer plays Genie Head, who he thought at the time would become SNL’s biggest recurring character since the Church Lady.

Paul still believes in the Genie Head premise, but he says to this day, he could never make it funny.

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