Friends Reunion is Ripe and It’s Happening

You knew this was coming. Everyone did. And now the inevitable has been announced- the cast of Friends is reuniting and will perform together again.

It was reported on Tuesday that the Friends cast is in talks to reunite for upcoming streaming service HBO Max and will come in the format of an unscripted special. It was previously announced that the streamer landed the rights to Friends reruns, and reuniting the cast is a no-brainer for the streaming platform which launches in 2020. The rights to the series episodes were recently acquired for $425 million.

Deadline reported the news relying on “sources”, and no word on the exact format but don’t expect to see any of your favorite characters. The stars have no plans to perform as Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica.

Friends star Jennifer Aniston told Ellen recently that while there wouldn’t be a reboot, and producers have said the same during recent appearances.

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