Friday May 22: Daily Links




Do Americans Understand Memorial Day

It’s Memorial day. You really shouldn’t say thanks for your service unless you are standing in a cemetery.


This Is Being Called Best Beach in the USA

Stephen “Dr. Beach” Leatherman, a coastal scientist has been ranking the nation’s beaches for 30 years. This year he picked Grayton Beach in the Florida Panhandle

What about Surf City? Two girls for every boy.


Matt Lauer Sports a New Tattoo

Matt Lauer is showing off his new tattoo that reads: “Hatred corrodes the container it’s carried in.” The new arm candy was spotted amidst Lauer lashing out at allegations coming his way from Ronan Farrow

Nothing says you’re handling things well more than a super angsty tattoo written in teen girl script.


You Can Now Socially Distance Gamble In Tompa Bay

The Hard Rock Casion in Tompa Bay, Florida has reopened for business with glass partitions separating players and dealers at their table games. Good luck getting anywhere near the sports book to bet on Bucs futures.


Dude Who Video Taped Ahmaud Arbery Getting Murdered Gets Murder Charge

The man who got the murder of Ahmaud Arbery on video has been arrested and hit with a felony murder charge. Police are now going to investigate YouTube and start issuing warrants for all those fight video uploaders.


The Cross Country Cannonball Run Record Has Been Broke Five Times In Seven Weeks

There’s a bright spot in the whole country being locked down – the Cannonball Run cross country racers have been able to crush all previous records seven times over in the past five weeks now that there are less people on the road.


Volkswagen Issues Apology For Racist Ad

Volkswagen had to issue an apology for an ad that’s getting blasted as racist. German companies should no better than this.

Via digg.


Yankee Aaron Judge’s Girlfriend Asks Cops Do You Know Who My Boyfriend Is? As She Gets Busted For DUI

Jump to 2 minutes in to check out Aaron Judge’s girlfriend trying to get out of her DUI. This never would have happened to any of Jeter’s girlfriends.

Read more at tmz.


Catherine O’Hara Photographed For Vanity Fair by Drone

Catherine O’Hara was photographed at a very safe social distance by drone in her by backyard poolside.

Normally drone shots in a bathing suit don’t usually involve consent.


Nile Rodgers says Diana Ross Had No clue “I’m Coming Out” meant Coming Out of the Closet

According to Nile Rodgers Diana Ross did not first understand the meaning behind “I’m Coming Out” and what it would be to gay audiences.

Wonder if the Weather Girls had the same shock.


Denzel Plays Good Samaritan

Denzel Washington was helped a homeless man get help after he spotted him wandering into ongoing traffic. The two-time Oscar winner pulled over, got the man safely onto the sidewalk and talked with him until police arrive. The two of them reportedly discussed whether or not Washington should do a third Equalizer movie.

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Lana Del Ray Angers Fans Of Beyoncé, Cardi B, Ariana

While defending herself against accusations that her music romanticizes abusive relationships, Lana Del Ray inadvertently threw shade at her pop contemporaries – including Beyoncé, Cardi B and Ariana Grande – saying they ‘had number ones with songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, f-king, cheating, etc’ without getting the same scrutiny.’ Fans immediately pounced on the comments, pointing out that all of the singers she mentioned were Black or Latina. Reps for Del Ray would not comment on a report that the title of her forthcoming album has been changed to Better Watch My Back.

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Reenacting a Scene from The Social Network

Part of you thinks The Social Network sucks so why have you watched it so many times?

Beats going on Facebook.

Rag Arm Soldier Back at Throwing Grenades

The only thing worse than this is if he would have pulled the pin on the grenade and threw the pin.

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