Forget Pete Davidson, Colin Quinn Got Engaged!

went on Late Night with to talk about what its like to survive a heart attack and

That’s alone would be a fascinating headline-making clip if he didn’t follow that conversation up with the news that he’s engaged…and he’s getting married. Someone getting married isn’t that big deal, but Colin Quinn is having a wedding? That’s gigantic.

His fiance and long time “gal pal” is Late Night producer- Jen Sochko. Quinn also revealed that his bride to be called him a Groomzilla, because “there’s two kinds of wedding that are both horrible,” he explained. “There’s the over the top cheeseball loud wedding where people are trying too hard to have fun” and then there’s the NPR wedding, the “subtle, classy wedding which is no fun whatsoever”.  He doesn’t really want either of those, and he’s also not interested in the “boroughs” wedding, where a guy with a 50 inch neck shuffles your guests around from one room to another.

Colin continues a dizzyingly hilarious take down of every wedding you’ve ever been to.

Looking forward to Colin expanding on the problems with weddings in his next one man show, but before he gets to that, he’s touring “One in Every Crowd” an hour about “that guy” and all his cousins.

Watch every minute of Quinn on Late Night. He wasn’t kidding when he tweeted that his appearance was “outstanding” and said “To say I “killed” just now on would be doing a disservice to all those that have had meh sets and thought they killed. And that’s not meant as an “insult” just an “observation.”

Congratulations to Colin and Jen!


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