Five Questions With AGT Runner Up Taylor Williamson

taylor williamson

Who says there isn’t a way to overnight fame in America anymore? Taylor Williamson became known across America last year when he came in second on America’s Got Talent. He won the heart of all of the Judges and the AGT audience, and was only beaten by Japanese dancer Kenichi Ebina. We grabbed a few minutes to catch up with Taylor and ask him Five Questions. You can catch Taylor at Goodnights in Raleigh, NC, where he’ll be performing on January 2nd and 3rd, and make sure you follow him on Twitter @TaylorComedy. If you’re going to be in the area, the Friday early show will be 13+ so you can bring the whole family.


The IBang:  You had some really incredible highlights to your career. Youngest person to perform stand up on Ferguson, runner up on America’s Got Talent, interviewed by James Lipton, made a video with Heidi Klum, what’s the highlight?

Taylor Williamson:  Being interviewed by you is the highlight for sure.

The IBang:  People say you can’t get instantly famous anymore, and yet, so many people watch America’s Got Talent. Do you get recognized all the time?

Taylor Williamson:  Yes, whenever I go to airports or my mom’s house.

The IBang:  Who is the most famous person to give you a compliment.

Taylor Williamson:  This is a bad answer but Howard Stern and Howie Mandel. They had to watch me, they had no choice, but it was still so special and surreal and weird that people I’ve been fans of for so long are now fans of mine. It’s a very odd thing, Even yesterday, I was at a restaurant and Harland Williams came up to me– an amazing comedian that I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid. He came up to me and said nice things. It’s just so funny because America’s Got Talent is a show that every age group watches. Having people who I admire know who I am– it’s super weird and exciting. But I think it’s because, Howie Mandel said back in the day you go on Johnny Carson and then the next day you’re famous. Now you have to go on America’s Got Talent and get to the finals and then maybe. That whole journey is kind of the equivalent of one Carson appearance I guess.

The IBang:  Has anyone ever given you a compliment that you just hated?

Taylor Williamson:  Well, just because, I’m having a cool year, but I don’t know how things are going to go in a few years, so forgive me for being a little politically correct. Sometimes people go, oh my God, you are one of my two favorite comedians! I’m like really? Oh yeah thanks! And they’ll be like, you and somebody else who is horrible. Just type in a horrible comedian and I guarantee you they’re on the list. They’re like no, it’s a good thing, and I’m like you put me in a group of horrible people.

The IBang: How much fun was it making the video you made with Heidi Klum?

Taylor Williamson:  Oh it was amazing! She was so cool. People are really stupid. They say to me that they love the “comedy sketch” that I did with Heidi Klum and they’re so stupid because it was a documentary. They act like it was all scripted. If you type in Taylor Williamson Heidi Klum on YouTube you can see it. It looks like it’s all fake cause she wakes up at the end and says ‘oh my god I had the worst nightmare I was dating that weird comedian guy’ but then I come out of her closet, so it shows that it’s real.

The IBang:  So are you two still together?

Taylor Williamson: We don’t talk about our private life. I hope you respect that.

The IBang:  What will you guys be doing for Hannukah this year?

Taylor Williamson: I don’t know if you heard my answer to the last question….

Taylor will be performing at Goodnights in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 2nd and 3rd.  The Friday early show will be 13 plus!  Get more information and tickets at

Follow Taylor on Twitter @TaylorComedy

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