The Five: Great Motivational Speeches From Bill Murray

murray 5

As part of our continuing coverage of Bill Murray day, we selected five of our favorite Bill Murray motivational speeches.   It’s hard to say which is the best.  But now you don’t have to.  Bookmark this page and any time you need a little kick in the pants, play them all.

1. Groundhog Day

You want growth? Phil Connors has got growth.  If this speech doesn’t make you want to pack up and move to a small town with sweet old fashioned traditions, then you probably can’t be saved.

2.  Stripes

Who can take a bunch of rag tag mutts and turn them into a lean mean fighting machine in under two minutes?  John Winger can.

3.  Scrooged

You need it.  You know it.  So pay attention and just put a little love in your heart.  If Frank Cross can make the miracle happen, you can too.

4.  Meatballs

The greatest motivational speech of all time is also the greatest anti-motivational speech of all time.  It just doesn’t matter.

5. Rushmore

“Take dead aim on the rich boys, get them in the crosshairs, and take them down.’



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