The First HQ Imitation Kicks Off Sunday Night

After comedy/quiz app HQ’s impressive launch, it was only a matter of time before a run of imitators rushed to market to get a slice of the live game show market, and now this Sunday, the first notable son of HQ rolls out. And it looks a lot like HQ.

You can already download the app and Deadline posted a few screenshots of the gameplay.

Fox is behind the new answer to the viral success of HQ Trivia. Its new mobile video game show, FN Genius, is already live in app stores and has reportedly been pitched in sales meetings since May. It will officially enter the spotlight this weekend with major promotions Saturday and Sunday with a tie in with the Fox Teen Choice Awards.

“Are you an FNGenius?” the app asks you when you sign up? On Sunday August 12th, the app reveals, during the Teen Choice Awards the network will reveal official start times for the game. The app’s FAQ’s give you a little heads up that there will be three games Sunday night with game one starting somewhere around 8:45pm eastern time, game two at 10:45pm eastern and game three at 11:45pm eastern time.

It’s no surprise that HQ inspired imitations- quite frankly we expected to see copycat games sooner. But it is surprising how much FNGenius resembles the pioneering app. The gameplay is remarkably similar– you’ll have ten seconds to answer each question, and you’ll have three answers to choose from. One wrong answer eliminates you from the game. Twelve correct answers earns you a share of the cash prize. And the visuals at least remind  you of the HQ aesthetic- that is if Deadline’s screenshots are real and not just a mockup using the HQ formatics.

What they don’t have is the wit and charm of comedian Scott Rogowsky, aka the Trap Trebek, aka Quiz Kalifa, aka the Bad and Bougie Barker aka the Woke Woolery, aka Regis Trillbin who, let’s face it, has a lot to do with HQ’s popularity. Instead, they have Jordan L. Jones who is about to co-star in the new Fox series “Rel”. He’ll be playing Rel’s brother in the series which premieres on September 9, who will no doubt be great, but will he be Regis Trillbin/Quiz Kalifa great?  Stay tuned….

Deadline reported sources saying that Sunday night’s games are being treated as a pilot with decisions about the app’s future tbd.

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