A Fan Punched Nick DiPaolo in the Face After a Comedy Show

Late last night Nick DiPaolo tweeted a photo showing a big bad bruise on his left eye, which was black and blue and all kinds of colors.  The only caption DiPaolo tweeted was “When Feminists Attack.”  We thought he might have been joking around about being hit in the face, but Nick not only confirmed that he was hit by a woman who disagreed with him politically- he said it he was hit by someone who came to his Sunday night show.

Nick called into SiriusXM’s Bennington Show earlier today and told hosts Ron and Gail that he was performing at Levity Live in West Nyack Sunday night and that’s where he got hit.  The show went great, DiPaolo said, and after he left the stage and went into the green room for a short break, he came out to shake hands and take pictures with fans.

That’s when a guy came over to him and told him that he loved the show, adding “but my daughter wants to punch you in the face.”  It was at that moment that the mans daughter sucker punched DiPaolo, hitting him right below his left eye. “He didn’t even finish the word face, and she sucker punched me,” Nick told the Benningtons.

Nick did nothing in response, but ask the guy whether this had been a set up. He did call the police to have a report of the incident made.

He described the woman who hit him as looking like the poster girl for Occupy Wall Street, and a “self-righteous little twat,” and said since the world doesn’t allow him to hit back, he’ll take it to court.

Nick also appeared on the Mike Calta show, and you can listen to the call below. He said back in the day when he was drunk, he would have punched back. Instead he went to the police station, and says he plans to sue her. Her father told him that she has emotional problems, but Nick wasn’t buying the excuses. “His words [will be] damning in court,” he said. “You knew she had emotional problems, you said she wants to punch you in the face, and you brought her over.”

“It’s funny, I’ve been doing comedy in New York City every night for 20 years, nothing happens, but then I go to a suburban mall and get punched in the face.”

DiPaolo’s comedy can be divisive, he took some heat for a show he did in Boston with Wanda Sykes in 2016. But he’s also one of the funniest comedians in the country.

Nick has been touring the northeast on his Nick is Right tour. Until recently he had a show on SiriusXM, which was canceled over “a poorly worded tweet.”  Nick is currently in the process of building out a studio so that he can continue The Nick DiPaolo Show as a podcast.


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